3 Cool Products For Your Garage

We have different solutions to remove heat and odors from garages, mancaves, & workshops. Garage fans make a huge difference in the enjoyability of your garage.

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Three Cooling Solutions for Every Garage Configuration

Keep your garages, workout rooms, man caves, and workshops ventilated and cool with our high-performance solar and electric fans. These fans contain powerful motors that cool and ventilate the static air in the space. They provide cooling airflow and are made of durable materials for long-lasting use. Many of the configurations below can be combined to create the ultimate cooling solutions for your space.

Garage fan open ceiling diagram

#1 – Solar Garage Fans

Roof Mount for Open-ceiling Garages
The Solatube roof-mount model is an ideal solution for garage and storage spaces with an open ceiling. Especially when the sun is beating down on your garage’s roof and there’s no insulation to keep the space cool. This solar-powered fan runs all day without electricity, so you keep the entire space cool without adding cost.


  • Pulls heat from your garage and the structure of your home
  • High-power energy-efficiency brushless motor
  • Sleek design to maintain your home’s curb appeal

#2 – Powered Garage Fan

Ceiling Mount for Closed-ceiling Garages

For garages with attic space above them, you want to keep both spaces cool to keep yourself comfortable and your home protected from the elements. This model pulls hot air from the garage and attic while bringing cool air in from the outside.


  • High powered energy-efficient motor
  • 5 engineered blades for maximum CFM
  • Comfort Control remote

Powered garage fan cutaway
Garage fan interior space

#3 – Solar Garage Fan

Wall Mount for Closed or Open Ceiling Garages
When you’re as busy in the garage as in the living space above it, you want a solution to keep it cool. Solatube delivers a solar fan (IM 1500) that mounts on a side wall to pull the hot air out of the garage all day so you can do everything in your garage in total comfort. This solution is a great option for virtually any garage configuration type. It can also be combined with the other solutions above for the ultimate cooling solutions.


  • High-power energy-efficient brushless motor
  • 16-watt solar panel

Combine our Dynamic Duo or Trio, Achieving Coolness is Effortless

Combine two or three garage ventilation products together to create the ultimate fresh air cooling system that can turn your man caves, workshops, and workout areas into comfortable spaces. When these products work together, you can experience a significant improvement in your garage’s overall enjoyment. Whether you’re tinkering with your car, working out, or tackling your next big project, you’ll want to ensure that harmful fumes and heat are kept at bay. Contact us today for a complimentary garage ventilation evaluation.

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